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Health is the presence of vibrant energy, joy and relaxation.
Enjoy natural symptom relief and reclaim your health!

Choose a service to schedule

Follow up Naturopathic Medicine & Acupuncture with Claudia - $105
Initial Visit Naturopathic Medicine & Acupuncture - $160
This visit will be up to 90 minutes.
Please wear comfortable clothe and be not hungry.

We will first talk and do an intake and than discuss a treatment protocol, which will serve you the best. Acupuncture will be administered with this treatment if you wish so.
Please go to: and pint out (under forms) the female or male Intake form and bring it filled out with you for the Initial visit.

We will do our best to support and serve you to bring you back to Vibrant Health.
Initial Visit and Acupuncture with Emily - $150
Follow up Acupuncture with Emily - $95
EVOLVE Coaching - $250
Facial Acupuncture Rejuvination - $155
Our Facial Rejuvenation Package includes:
• An individualized Barber Wrap with Aroma oils for your skin type
• Chinese Medical Pulse & Tongue Diagnostic
• Balancing Body Acupuncture
• Lifting Facial Acupuncture
• Jan Marini Facial treatment
• Facial Massage with customized Chinese Herbal Moisturizer
• Cooling Jade Stone Roller
• Customized Indigo Mood-Shifter

Treat yourself to an uplifting and nourishing Facial Rejuvenation Package, which will not just lift your facial muscles and let your beauty shine. You will also feel more vibrant, energetic and have a greater sense of well being on all levels.

• Increased moisturizing due to increased circulation
• Improved muscle tone, firmness and elasticity of the skin
• Increased collagen production
• Firmer skin around the eyes and neck
• Diminished/eliminated fine wrinkles and softer deeper wrinkles
• Improved Radiance of the skin
• Tighter pores
• Brighter eyes and higher eyelids
• Less stress evident on the face and thus a more youthful appearance
The whole body is treated from the inside and out to bring forth your inner beauty, thus Facial Rejuvenation Treatment includes differential diagnosis. Meaning if you have back pain or digestive issues, for example, we will treat these at the same time and address your cosmetic concerns. We will be working on the underlying reasons for your skin issues to create an optimal state of harmony within and without your body.

A consultation is always necessary to see whether Facial Rejuvenation will work for your particular case*. Below we have outlined 3 different treatment options.

Three Facial Rejuvenation Treatment Options

Option 1 –
Series of 10 Facial Rejuvenation Treatments
This option includes a package of 10 treatments
Each treatment is 90min long and includes differential diagnosis
$1550 total for 10 sessions
After these 10 series treatments, any follow up Facial Rejuvenation appointment is $130.

Option 2 –
Single Facial Rejuvenation
Treatment is 90min long and includes differential diagnosis
Rejuvenation Treatment

$155 per session
Crystal Bed - $85 (call for appointment)
Naturopathic Consultation with Claudia - $160
Bemer Session - $35 (call for appointment)
Massage - $90
15 min Consultation
Detox Treatment - $150 (call for appointment)
Cupping Therapy - $45
Ipsalu Coaching - $180
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